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A new challenge – Thailand

In Flight Log, Navigation on July 8, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Phuket Airpark, short 500m grass runway

Unfortunately the flight to Bali, originally planned for the last week of July, has been postponed to August and I have already arranged all my holiday and travels and cannot change again.  So what to do?  I decided I will fly into Thailand.  Maybe it is too late to apply for the permission to fly into Thai airspace, but I will try anyway.  The plan is to fly from Singapore to Penang and from Penang to Phuket.  On Phuket I am asking the Phuket Airpark to help me with the logistics.  I hope there is Avgas available at Phuket airport and the Airpark owners let me park my plane for a night or two.  Depending on weather, I may stop over on Langkawi and in Ipoh on my way back.  ETD Singapore is Saturday, 27 July and return on 31 July or 1 August.  Maybe other pilots who also took a couple of days off for the Bali flight want to join?  Please let me know.

  1. Sorry about my previous question regarding the personal flying logbook certification – let me rephrase my question:
    In every pilots personal flying logbook, at the end of every month, the logbook is given to the club to for the club captain or chief flight instructor etc to certify that the hours recorded are correct. This is assuming all the flights during that month were using the aircraft from that club.
    In your case, the aircraft is your own, not under any club or organization. So end of the month, who is going to certify your flying logbook as the hours recorded are true & correct?
    Hope you understand my question.

    • Interesting questions. I don’t think there is a requirement to certify your logbook every month. In fact in most countries there isn’t even a requirement to have an up-to-date logbook. All you need is a record of flights that are necessary to keep your respective license current. In the case of Malaysia, I presume that my own signature, certifying the correct and true recording of my flights is sufficient for the annual renewal of my license (in addition to the certified record of my CofT flight with an approved instructor). If you could find any official position from DCA on this, please share. I think that would be of interest to other Malaysian PPL holders.

  2. If you fly your own aircraft, not under a registered flying club, how is your personal flying logbook “certified”?

    • I don’t understand your question. Certain flights such as the C of T need to be attested to by an approved instructor. My personal flying time is my own business. Only exception is the time you need to keep the license current. But even there I am not sure you need this certified.

  3. What about “flight authorisation” from the club?
    I know most clubs won’t ‘authorise’ your flight if you want to fly to somewhere you’ve never flown before, unless you have done it with an instructor first.
    Or maybe because it’s your own aircraft you don’t need the club’s authorisation?

    • I am the owner of 9MDRJ and within the laws and regulations of the country i am flying in, I decide where I fly and when. My plane is not registered trhough a flying club either. With aircraft that are owned by others, for example flying clubs, you obviously need to abide by their rules. Privately owned and registered aircraft also need to pay landing, parking, passenger and navigation charges.

  4. Do you always fly with an instructor or on your own?

    • Most of the time I fly alone, but I am always happy to take passengers (pilots and non-pilots). I don’t fly with instructors much. Usually just a few circuits for the annual check ride.

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