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A new challenge – Thailand, Part II

In Navigation on July 11, 2013 at 11:01 pm

Penang to Phuket via Hat Yai

I am exited about my plans to fly into Thailand.  Wings over Asia is helping me with the flight permit and I hope I am not too late with my application.  They told me that the Thai ATC will need at least 5 working days to respond.

Initially I thought I would go the coastal route and refuel at Phuket International.  I was advised not to do that, though.  Apparently that airport has a bad reputation among private pilots.

So now I am thinking I should go to Hat Yai for refuel and from their to the Phuket Airpark via Krabi.  On the way I have at least Trang and Krabi as alternative landing sites in case the weather gets bad.

As far as I can see there are two obvious entry points into Thai airspace, which are defined by the intersection of the national border and two airways:

  • DUBAX for airway R325 (Alor Star to Phuket) – basically Kuala Perlis
  • TAMOS for airway A457 (Alor Star to Hat Yai)

I am planning to use TAMOS and entry and exit point, because that point is crossing the border on a direct line from Alor Star to Hat Yai.

The Thai AIP is very similar to the Malaysian one.  The VFR rules, for example, are basically the same.  Surprisingly, for Hat Yai and Phuket there are even VFR reporting points defined in the AIP.

I have updated the Google map with some Thai VFR reporting points here.

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