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Aviator’s Gathering

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I had a whale of a time flying with WoA to the Annual Aviator’s Gathering 2013 on Langkawi

Flight Summary
Dates 8 March – 10 March 2013
Engine Time 11h 17m
Landings 6 – WMSA, WMKP, WMKL, WSSL
Fuel total approx. 100 Gallons
Fuel per hour approx. 8.5 Gallons
Pictures Click here

The Annual Aviators gathering of Wings over Asia was a magic weekend of flying and meeting like-minded people.  The crew of WoA did a great job in the friendly and efficient manner that we have all come to expect from them. They put together a great program, which started with a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and a dinner in a new aircraft hangar at Subang airport.

Dinner at a new aircraft hangar at the GA area Subang Airport

I usually keep the aircraft at the Skypark and had no idea that there is a whole GA area further down with parking stands, hangars etc. There is a lot more going on in GA flying in Malaysia than meets the eye.  It was pretty cool to sit between helicopters and airplanes while eating, drinking (no alcohol) and listening to talks about general aviation in Asia.

Pilots from Korea, Japan and China talked about their experience with GA in their countries.  Fact is, that GA suffers from neglect and sometimes outright hostility in most countries in Asia.  In China, for example, practically no airspace is available for “normal” people to fly their small airplanes.  GA there is mostly about super-rich people buying small jets and maybe the occasional helicopter.  Japan and Korea allow GA flying, but few people can afford it and the airspaces are rather small.  It was  heartwarming to hear about Korean pilots flying in a small Cessna over to Japan to visit their “brothers-in-arms”.  Compared to North Asia,  private flying in South East Asia has grown faster and offers more freedom.  What unites us all in Asia is the lack of Avgas, the cost and availability of maintenance services and the usually low regard for the little bug-smashers we fly around.

Pilots from China talking about GA in their country

During Yeow Meng’s talk I learned that it is now possible to get an instrument rating on a PPL(A).  The details are bit fuzzy, but Meng announced that the first rating was issued earlier this year.  At the moment the ground school and flight training is only available in Subang.  I wonder if we could get enough PPL holders together in Johor to justify a course closer to home.

On the next day, we all flew to Penang to have lunch at the Pen Mutiara seafood restaurant.  The restaurant is famous for fish-head curry and I would agree that it is rather tasty.

Fish-head Curry on Penang

Our next stop was Langkawi and the Four Season Hotel.  During dinner at the beach we watched a brilliant aerobatics display by Les Vorosmarthy in his Extra 300, which was filmed by a Robinson helicopter hovering over the sea.

Staying over Night on Langkawi

Aerobatics at the beach in front of the Four Seasons Hotel on Langkawi

Clarence Wee and his wife joined me as passengers all the way to Langkawi.  Clarence used to fly in the Singapore Air Force and more recently he piloted an airship over Singapore and Shanghai.  In fact he one of the very few certified pilots for airships worldwide.

Clarence (right) in front of his airship

The airship piloted by Clarence over Singapore

  1. In Malaysia, there is an AIC I by DCA regarding PPL holders to hold an instrument rating, I think you need to have 500hrs.
    Also it seems (this is not written anywhere) that your initial IR rating must be done on a twin engine – double whammy! Not only you need 500hrs first, you also need to be multi engine rated!
    Check out the

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