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9MDRJ Repatriation

In Equipment, Flight Log, Gear, Knowledge, Ownership on April 10, 2014 at 5:30 pm

Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again. ~William Shakespeare

Her ladyship, 9M-DRJ, will be repatriated and become a US citizen once again.  The new owner decided to move her back to the N-register.  There are many advantages of doing that.  The maintenance is more straight forward and keeping a FAA pilot license current is easier too.  The biggest advantage is probably that getting an IR rating on a FAA PPL can be done, which would be fun with this plane, because it is fully equipped for IFR flight.

Anyway, the plane had to be flown to Subang and I couldn’t get my hand up fast enough, even so I am living in Dubai now.  Luckily for me, other pilots were not available or couldn’t get an insurance, so I hopped on a commercial flight yesterday evening in Dubai and arrived in Singapore this morning at 7:30 am.  Feels good to be home again.  Next I met with Captain Boo to pick up a new battery for the plane and around 10 am I was reunited with 9MDRJ again.

We have always made such a nice pair, wouldn’t you say?

A couple of smaller maintenance issues delayed me a bit, but finally I took off into an uncertain weather situation, which I just hoped would not deteriorate any further.  Of course, it did despite my hopes and I had to dodge a couple of rain showers that seemed to cluster into the usual thunderstorm Armageddon we have around here in the afternoon.

I bought this essential Piper outfit in South Africa for the new owner.

The Stormscope helped a lot, giving me some idea which way the thunderstorm activities started to brew, which thankfully was not in the direction I was going.

Subang wasn’t that busy, but I think I annoyed the crew of a commercial flight when they had to wait for my 65 knots, full flaps approach to come to a happy end.

I packed her up and left her in a corner of Skypark, from where she will reemerge with a new N-register number.  Thankfully I now have a standalone FAA license as well and could fly her if the new owner allows (which I think he will).

Safely out of the way and away from these big jet bullies.


One last word of thanks to the maintenance crew who has made 9MDRJ a better aircraft while she was under their care for the last year.  Mike the engineer and Eric the mechanic are a fantastic team, and they do know what they are doing!

Mike the engineer and Eric (the guy who is actually working 🙂

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