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FRAS Photo Shoot

In Flight Log, Social Life on September 17, 2011 at 10:49 pm

Domingo and Captn Singh in AT4 9M-EYM

On Saturday, we had bring-your-favorite-gadgets to the club day.  We wanted to do some photo and video shooting to have material for web sites brochures and so forth.  It turned out that flying is not the only expensive hobby our pilots are into.  The number of cameras we all brought along was nothing short of impressive.  I think I was the only one bringing a “point-and-shot” camera to a serious DSLR “fight”.  To be sure I also had my D80 in my bag, but that wasn’t anything to brag about.  Anyway, I am happy with my new little Coolpix P300 camera, which I bought recently.  As they say, the only good camera is a camera you actually have with you when you want to take a picture and the P300 is small enough to carry in my trouser pockets.

We took off in the morning with both AT4 and one piper (9M-FRR).  I always enjoy the formation flying, and this time we didn’t break up for landing either, which was challenging, but interesting.  The Piper has two radios, so we were able to talk to each other on 123.45, while the Piper pilot (me) monitored the tower frequency.  Sometimes it wasn’t easy to understand the overlapping transmissions, but it is a good way to keep the formation together.  after the flight we had some serious file sharing and uploading and after we watched most of the pictures and videos on the “big screen” in the training room, we decided we should go again in the afternoon to get some more footage.

In the afternoon, I took an AT4 and the lead.  This was an excellent practice to improve my radio skills.  For the first time I used a personal call sign (FRAS 45) rather than the individual aircraft call signs.  That is a big time saver and kind of cool.  After all, I think I did everything more or less right.  During the flight we had the idea to record me introducing the avionics suit of the aircraft.  As soon as I get the edited version from Alvin, I will post it here.  On the small camera screen it looked pretty good.

So here are some of the pictures we have taken.  CLICK HERE.

Photo Shoot I

Photo Shoot II

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