Ingo Noka

Nothing to see

In Flight Log on September 11, 2011 at 10:39 pm


This weekend I took a colleague to the club to fly for the first time with a passenger (who is not an instructor) . He has lots of hours of flying time himself,  he just hasn’t flown for a while.  Unfortunately, for a sightseeing tour, there was precious little to see.The plan was to go to Subang for breakfast and come back straight away.  On the way to the Woodlands Immigration checkpoint it started raining heavily, but Senai was reported to be alright, so we decided to try our luck and crossed the border.  While it wasn’t raining in Senai, the visibility was very bad – an unholy combination of haze from Sumatra, low clouds and (I guess) moisture from the rain rising up due to the heat.  We took our time, while a couple of students worked the circuit with both Pipers and an AT-4.  At about 11 am, we took of in 9M-FRR, despite our benchmark for acceptable visibility, Gunung Pulai, was barely visible.  As expected, once we got closer to the coast, the haze got worse.  About three nautical miles before Benut, it became so bad, we had to return.  The flight log shows a not so straight line around clouds and patches of low visibility.  I was looking forward to show my colleague the west coast all the way up to KL, but unfortunately mother nature and Indonesian farmers conspired against me.  At least, I managed to do a quite acceptable landing, so I think I didn’t scare my passenger away from taking up flying again.

Flight path to Benut (in blue) return because of bad visibility

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