Ingo Noka

Into the mountains

In Flight Log on September 25, 2011 at 8:01 pm

Ipoh Terminal Building (air side)

On the 24th and 25th of September I added Ipoh (WMKI) to the list of airports I have landed on. On Saturday morning around 9 am, we took off in Johor.  In Subang we had a quick lunch and left for Ipoh about 12:30. We took the coastal route via Kapar, Kuala Selangor, Teluk Intan, Kampar and Gopeng and touched down in Ipoh after a one hour and 20 minutes flight. Captain Ridzuan had everything extremely well prepared as usual.  I had put together flight plans and logs as well, but his stuff was better.

Ipoh lies to the West of the mountains of the Cameron Highlands and is surrounded by hills to the East and higher mountains to the West and East. The runway directions are 04 and 22. I assume that most of the time runway 04 is active, because the two taxiways Alpha and Bravo are at the far end of that runway.

Ipoh Apron View towards Runway (Taxiway Bravo in Center)

According to the Malaysian AIP for WMKI, light sport aircraft are supposed to park between the two taxi ways, but I didn’t see that parking area. I think there is some construction work going on. In any case, the standard exit is likely Bravo and the parking will, for the time being, be close to Bay 3. Bay 3 is located to the right of the terminal building (the side where the tower is). AP Flight Training has a couple of Cirrus parked there, but there is plenty of room for a few more aircraft.

Ipoh Holding East of Airfield

Radio practice at Ipoh is fairly standard. They asked me to hold East of the airfield, which means I had to fly 360 degree turns between two hills that I think have about pattern height. But there is enough space as long as you look out and fly precise turns.

Originally the plan was to stay in Ipoh for the night, but I thought it would be better to go back to Subang. The visibility was not good in general and being closer to Johor would be a bonus.  As it turned out I was right. The weather on Sunday wasn’t good at all. We had to wait until noon before we dared to take off. Fortunately the radar picture looked worse than the weather actually was.

While the flight wasn’t exactly of the scenic sight-seeing variety because of the haze, no creative interpretation of VFR conditions was necessary and we made it back to Johor without problems.
As it has become custom on this blog, I am attaching the GPS tracks and a link to a few pictures.

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