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APFT Air Carnival – Kota Bahru

In Flight Log, Navigation, Weather on May 12, 2013 at 5:05 pm

APFT Airshow Public Transport


Flight Summary
Engine Time 9h 46m
Landings 4 – WMSA, WMKC, WMKJ, WSSL
Fuel total approx. 78 Gallons
Fuel per hour approx. 8 Gallons
Pictures Click here

From 19 to 21 April 2013, I flew to Kota Bahru to join the Air Carnival organized by the Asia Pacific Flight Training to celebrate the graduation of their students.  Two other aircraft from WoA in Singapore were there as well (DA40 and Columbia 350), and the “Extreme Midlife Aerobatics” crew brought a Piper Arrow (Marcus Walther) and the Giles 202 for the aerobatics display.  APFT is one of the biggest flight schools in Malaysia and has their main bases in Kota Bahru, Terengganu and, I think,  smaller ones in KL and Ipoh.

While we were there, APFT offered to provide Avgas to anybody who wants to fly along the East Coast (where Petronas does not supply Avgas).  You can message me if you are looking for a contact.  Flying at the East coast is under appreciated by most pilots.  I wholeheartedly recommend you try it out.

I took a risk with this trip, as I decided to fly to KL (or Ipoh) on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday without a buffer day.  On Friday, I left the office a bit late and wasn’t ready to start up much earlier than 1530.  A couple of thunderstorms left the usual haze rising from the ground, which reduced visibility to a deteriorating 4000 meters.  The WSSL METAR was updated every 15 minutes or so with numbers going down.  I had already resigned to flight cancellation, when ATC allowed a special VFR departure in coordination with Johor.  I jumped on the opportunity and made an accelerated take off, in case they change their mind.  After a few hiccups with my autopilot over East of JB Town (repeat after me: set the heading bug before you switch on the auto pilot), I was on my way.  Departure time was 1615 and that is the latest you should take off if you are flying VFR to Subang.  The visibility quickly became better over Johor and I had a pleasant flight with only a couple of patches of rain to dodge over Malacca.  The parking space at Subang Skypark was quite busy with a  jet parked where we normally put the small GA aircraft.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Ipoh to have dinner with Marcus Walther and the Extreme Midlife Aerobatics team, who I hadn’t met before.

On Saturday, I was greeted with sunny weather and no apparent weather build-ups on the way to Kota Bahru.  I decided to go to Ipoh first and cross the mountains from Gerik to Jeli.  I had done that before and thought I would find the way.  The flight turned out to be the best part of the trip.  At 7,000 feet the air was smooth as silk and the temperature cooled down to a comfortable 26 Degrees Celsius.

In Kota Bahru I met a few new people and watched the flight display by Marcus in the Giles 202.

On Sunday, I took off in pleasant enough weather, which unfortunately turned into a holly mess over Johor (I reported here.)

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