Ingo Noka

LIMA 2013 – 9MDRJ amongst Russian Fighter Jets and USAF Transport Planes

In Flight Log on April 25, 2013 at 12:58 am

Ingo and Max at Lima 2013

Flight Summary
Engine Time 10h 04m
Landings 5
Fuel total 90 Gallons
Fuel per hour approx. 8.8 Gallons
Pictures Click here

For the second time, I participated in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition. I took 9M-DRJ to Langkawi on March 28, 2013 with Royce and my son as passengers. It was also the first time that I flew direct from Senai to Penang. The flight time is three hours and thirty minutes and basically a no brainer for the Piper endurance.

In fact I was confident that I can make it, because I previously took the direct route coming back from the WoA aviators gathering on date. In flight, Lumpur Info graciously agreed to file an amended flight plan that would allow us to continue to Penang without stop in Subang (as originally filed). We had to do some interesting food work around stormy rain areas between Kuala Selangor and Pangkor, which the Stormscope helped with enormously.

Lots of activity on the StormScope

We spend Saturday showing people the aircraft in the static display of the exhibition area. Big thanks to name for the exceptional help in organizing exhibitor badges and the exhibition stand. We were treated to a fantastic air show.  I was especially impressed by the precision of the SU-27 aerial work (Russian Knights, Russian Air Force) and the capabilities of the C-17 of the US Air Force.

Russian Knights

C-17 Transport Plane – UASF

I always have a log of fun playing photo model for the friendly people of Langkawi.

Photo Model Ingo

And we had a few models visiting out aircraft as well.

Models visiting 9MDRJ

All Langkawi hotels were fully booked, but thankfully we found a room at the name close to Kuah.

Bela Vista Resort & Spa Hotel

On Sunday we went to the airport early to get out before the air show started. Unfortunately the battery went flat again. We were surrounded by a gaggle of helpful ground handlers and military people who were curious about this tiny airplane blocking their massive MIG and Sukhoi fighter jets to taxi out. Thankfully one of the transport planes had an external battery and after a brief period of confusion during which we consulted the POH to figure out what voltage the Archer electric system would be (28 Volts), we were finally on our way. Thanks a lot to the ATC controller who got me out of the way in a flying start before 4 scheduled arrivals would have grounded me for at least half an hour. We visited FRAS, which represented general aviation in a special static display next to the entry of the exhibition hall. I think GA would benefit from more initiatives like this.

FRAS Display

I hope we will be able to go again to LIMA in 2015.

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