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Stuck on Tioman

In Navigation on September 29, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Beach on Tioman – Berjaya Golf and Spa Resort

Update 20 October 2012: Check out the photos I took on Tioman

On my way to Tioman, I narrowly escaped some nasty weather closing in fast on Senai Airport this morning (29 September). Had I waited five minutes longer it would have been a no-go for the rest of the day The tower called me shortly after take off to tell me that the airport is now closed to VFR traffic, i.e. the weather is IMC. Never heard that before.

The go/no-go decision and a left mag acting up during power check induced lots of stress which in turn caused lots of small pilot errors. Amazing really how fast one gets overloaded.

Thankfully the weather to Tioman was fine so I continued onwards (no choice really). Funny feeling when you don’t have an alternative option other than a very short grass field at Mersing.

Tioman landing was no drama. As usual the landing was better than when I was there with an instructor (do I imagine this?).  While I was in Tioman Berjaya Air operated two flights into the small airport.

Berjaya Air DHC-7-100 on Tioman Airport

Tioman Airport Tower and GA Parking area

I waited at the airport for the weather to clear. I also used the opportunity to check out Berjaya Resort. A nice hotel, but somewhat on the pricey side. The chalet with breakfast is RM 460 for one night. The hotel has shuttle vehicles (you cannot call them buses) that depart quite often and are free. Otherwise the “long nose” taxi tariff is RM 15.


Tioman Beach


Tioman – The Bay in which the airport is located


Tioman – Berjaya Golf and Spa Resort next to the airport

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