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Ready to Fly in the Morning

It is some time now since our last flight around Malaysia. This is not a good state of affairs! The VFR lanes of Malaysia are deserted and the air traffic controllers haven’t heard a fumbling low time PPL for too long. Let’s go and change that. I am organizing a flight safari from the 13th To the 16th of October and look for company. Whether you are a licensed pilot or not does not matter, everybody is welcome.

We can go either East or West. If we go West, we would fly to Malacca, Subang, Pangkor, Penang and Langkawi. on the East coast we would visit Tioman, Kerteh, Terengganu, Pulau Redang and Kota Bahru. From Kota Bahru we could also go to Thailand and spend a day there.

It would certainly be easier to go West, especially if you are concerned about returning at a particular time. There are more bus and commercial flight connections if we are stuck because of bad weather. It will also be easier to get fuel.

Please have a look at the flight program and message me if you are interested in joining.

Pilots can sign up for various legs of the flight. Obviously there must be at least one pilot per leg (I am talking in navigational terms here – don’t get carried away.) You can choose as little as one short leg or sign up for the entire trip. Everything goes.

If you are not a pilot, you are welcome to accompany us either in the co-pilot seat or in the back seat. You can even sit in the pilot seat with a flight instructor on the right.

We have three aircraft that can each carry three persons (incl. the pilot).

We will provide snacks for the flight and a picnic on one of the islands. Other that hat you will have to pay for hotel, food and ground transportation.

Flight plans, flight logs, maps and per-flight briefing will be provided. We will also take care of refueling and communication.

Our key concerns are safety and fun (in this order).

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