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Frequent Flyer

In FRAS Affairs on April 2, 2011 at 11:11 pm

Frequent Flyer

I am writing this while sitting in the Turkish Airline’s lounge in Istanbul on my way from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Almaty, Kazakhstan.  And this sentence says everything about the challenges of trying to be the event manager for the FRAS flying club.   I hope I will be in Singapore often enough to make this a success.

Most people reading this blog have already received this information, but I thought adding it to the Blog and Forum gives everybody an opportunity to comment and contribute ideas.
At this year’s FRAS AGM, I volunteered to be the new event manager at the FRAS Flying Club.  One of the many great things about flying is the sense of companionship amongst pilots.  I think it is fair to say that two pilots will never be complete strangers, even if they have never met before.  And this is what the event manager is all about.  I hope to vitalize the social life of the FRAS flying club.  I believe that members look for opportunities to do more with their pilot license and want to socialize with other pilots.  Of course, I can only facilitate and organize events that have the support of the members. In the end, everything will depend on you, the members of FRAS.
To give you a flavor of the activities I have in mind, here is a list of things we may want to do:
Informal Member get-together – monthly
Organize monthly informal meetings of pilots, students and instructors at a social location (possibly in Singapore).
Fly together – Aircraft Sharing
Provide logistical support for aircraft sharing (e.g. cross-country flying)
Fly-ins, cross-country flying
Organize groups of pilots, students and family members to go on cross-country flights or participation in fly-ins.
Ongoing pilot education
Organize or support educational events for pilots who want to learn more about various aspects of flying.
Provide the means for members to come together and communicate on the Internet (blog, forum).   I have set up this Blog and Forum as well as an additional web site: and

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