Ingo Noka

Malacca with Ian

In Aircraft, Flight Log on August 31, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Ian in Johor

Update 130901: We left the hotel in Malacca at 9:15 and touched down in Seletar at 11 am.  I had a brief chat with the very friendly immigration officer.  She told me that Malacca immigration services are available everyday from 9 am to 5 pm.  Next time, I won’t stop in Johor on the way to Malacca to get my passport stamped. The airport security desk charged me a landing fee of Ringgit 10.69 and a parking fee of Ringgit 6.27.  All very reasonable.

The weather was nice between Malacca and Batu Pahat, but then the cloud base came down to just a bit over 1000 feet around Benut.  Another aircraft, coming from Simpang Renggam was scheduled to arrive at Kulai at the same time as I, which required some coordination over the radio and old-fashioned VFR look out.

Paya Lebar Approach asked me to climb 2500 feet to join downwind 03 left at Seletar, which was odd.  Seletar then corrected to 2000, but even then I had the usual difficulties to loose height fast enough when I finally got clearance to descent for final.  I have to find a better method – maybe slowing down to flap speed earlier without descending and yank out the flaps to full even before turning to base.

Finally, here is my flight plan and the flight log to Malacca:

-E/0400 P/1 R/V S/ J/ A/WHITE AND DARK GREEN C/NOKA I +65 81275812)

Flying to Malacca for a weekend

This weekend (31/8/13) I am flying with a colleague to Malacca and stay one night. The weather has so far been beautiful.

9MDRJ in Malacca GA apron stand R2

Other pilots are using the good weather to take their aircraft to Tioman or Langkawi. I saw Ingo with his twin-engine Cessna C340 and Hendric with his new Diamond DA42. A couple of guys put on white pilot shirts with three stripes, claiming that the plane flies faster that way. I need to get myself one with four stripes – I need it more then them ;-).

Ingo’s twin-engine Cessna C240

Cessna C340

A brand-new Diamond DA42 NG with two super-efficient and quiet Austro Diesel engines.

  1. Interesting flight plan… “POINTXRAY” — presume that’s a VRP near your destination: is it some local quirk of Malaysian flight plans that let’s this be included? In Europe pretty sure we can only put in five letter intersection names, Navaids, Lat/Long & bearing/distance from Navaids… Also lots of EET entries: were you crossing multiple FIR boundaries? All very interesting! 🙂

  2. U meant quiet Diesel engines ?. Btw, Ingo ,EAA organising charity joyride flt for 70 orphans on 7 Sept from 7am onwards at Subang airport.hope u and others with their flying machines can help out to lighten up their lives.cheers ! Pls spread e news

    • I am quite quietly embarrassed. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.
      The charity ride is such a great thing to do. I will definitely try to come to Subang for this. Where do I sign up?

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