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Weekend Flying

In Aircraft, Navigation, Social Life on August 24, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Subang Airpark is going to be closed for small airplanes

It was good to be back in the air today. For the first time I took the inland route from Singapore to Subang.  That route shaves off about 10 minutes from the flight time.  If everything goes according to plan, it is possible to fly from Singapore to Subang (block on/off) in about one hour and fifty minutes.  In most cases it will be an honest two hours however. You have to watch you altitude however.  There are some hills on the way that reach more than 1,500 feet.  In my flight route some of the hills stand right in my flight path. (Download the flight log and AFTN Flight Plan here.)

This is the new DA42 NG that has just been ferried over from Europe. The sound of the Diesel engines is something to behold.

While I was away, Subang changed substantially. The airport turned from the most GA friendly international airport in Malaysia to somewhat of a problem child.  The Bay 40 at the Airpark, which has been a convenient overnight parking space for small aircraft with immigration and customs and refuel in walking distance.  It looks as if that Bay is now closed for small aircraft.  They need the space for VIP jets, which have grown in number of the years.  It is a real shame.

I tried to find a place to park at the light aircraft parking area around the DCA hangar (taxiway Golf), but there wasn’t even a space where I could have squeezed in my low wing Archer in between two high wing aircraft.

After spending a bit of time finding a solution, I thought I would just go to Ipoh and visit the guys from the Extreme Midlife Aerobatics team.  They have found a truly fun way of spending their weekends, there is no doubt about that.

The Giles 202 Amateur Built Aircraft of the EMA team

Tomorrow, I am going back either via Penang or directly via Subang, depending on the weather situation.

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