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Thailand Flight – Day 3 and 4 / 30 and 31 July 2013

In Aircraft, Flight Log, Gear, Navigation on August 3, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Back in Singapore after 14 hours of flight, 1,500 nm and three countries in four days.

I spent Monday evening in Ipoh, which is apparently famous for the local food.  I tried one noodle dish, which was indeed delicious.  Normally I am not a big friend of chicken feet in the Chinese cuisine, but this one tasted great.

Ipoh Noodle Dish …

… with chicken feet.

On Tuesday, convinced that the oil pressure was alright, I left Ipoh in the morning for a one hour flight to Subang (Kuala Lumpur).  I had to stay low because of a 1300 feet cloud base, which is not really comfortable, because there a number of hills along the way that almost reach 1,000 feet.

Ipoh and surrounding hills.

Nevertheless, I arrived safely in Subang and taxied to the Wira Kris hangar at the light aircraft area.  The people there helped me to look at the pressure sensor, but there was nothing obviously wrong with anything.

Everything seems to be ok under the cowling.

I parked the plane at the Skypark Bay 40 afterwards and spent one day in KL.  With beautiful weather and the usual crappy visibility I returned to Singapore along my usual coastal road via Malacca and Senai airport.  In total, I had flown about 14 hours to cover 1,500 nm and three countries in four days.  I will give a more detailed summary in one of my next posts.

Small surprise, a parked jet blocking my way out of the parking stand. Had to take out the two bar and move her by hand.

Packing up.

  1. Hi Ingo, You are definitely a “can do guy” and not a talker. Good to follow you around,and hope there is more in the planning.


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