Ingo Noka

Piper PA-34-200 Landing Gear Issues in Tioman

In Announcement on September 9, 2012 at 11:49 pm

I was told at the club on Saturday, that a Malaysian registered (9M-BAI) twin-engine Piper Seneca II PA-34-200T had problems with the landing gear when landing in Tioman on Friday, the 7th September 2012.  It was said that the nose gear collapsed on touch down, but this is not confirmed.

The media speaks of technical problems with the nose gear, which could mean there was something wrong with the nose gear even before touch down.  Pictures of the plane on the runway in Tioman show that the nose wheel  and the right main gear have either not been deployed or collapsed on touch down or during the movement of the airplane on the tarmac.

According to media reports, the pilot and the passenger are unhurt.

Piper Seneca II 9M-BAI – Picture taken in October 2006 at Seletar airport Singapore (copyright by George Trussell)

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