Ingo Noka

The one hundred Dollar Fanta

In Flight Bag, Flight Log, Social Life on February 11, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Suyoung, Nigel and Ingo

Is there a good reason to fly to Malacca, have a coffee and a Nasi Lemak and fly back straight away? No! When you find the only coffee shop closed and left with the option to buy a Fanta, there is even less reason to do so.

Is that going to stop us pilots to do exactly that anyway? Of course not.  We do it for the flying and for the surprised looks on our friend’s faces when we tell them that we will fly for a coffee to Malacca on Saturday.

At least that is doing it for me.  I also like to invite friends and colleagues to fly with me.  I admit there is a little bit of showing off involved, but I do it mostly because I enjoy the company and the opportunity to explain things while flying.  At least when I have them in my airplane, they cannot run away while I rumble on about airspeed and course and all the other little things that are so important to us pilots.  Stamp collectors would probably kill for a captive audience like this.

This week, Nigel and Suyoung have been my victims.  We flew to Malacca, found the coffee shop closed, bought Fantas and bottled water and got back by three o’clock for a relaxed drive back to Singapore.

The weather was gorgeous.  Plenty of CB clouds with a base of about 3,500 feet, but more than enough blue sky shining through.  The wind picked up during the day to about 9 knots (gusting at 14). My landings were smooth, despite the stronger than usual wind.

  1. Only us pilots would understand why we get a kick out of going to Melaka, getting a fanta and nasi lemak, and coming back here :D. When I told my friends that I went there to take a trip to the airport and fly back, you should have been there to see the weird looks that went through their faces!

    • And you will know that they have no idea what we pilots talk about when they try to compare the cost of a commercial flight with the cost of flying yourself. It is the flying and not the arriving that counts!

  2. Hi Fe

    I would be delighted to show you around the club and the airport and take you up for a flight.

    I am in Malaysia almost every weekend. So, just let me know when you are ready.


    • Hi Ingo,

      Thanks for your response.

      That’s great and let’s do that. I am so looking forward to it now.
      I will let you know once I get my visa sorted and ready to go.

      Have a great day ahead!


  3. I met Nigel this morning and heard he had a great time flying with you.

    As mentioned before, I would like to join you guys sometimes and find out more about your flying school in Malaysia.

    I am traveling this week, will apply Malaysian visa once I am back.
    Potentially, will be free end of March to start.

    May I know if you go to Malaysia on the regular basis?


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