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Pre-screening – east coast cross country flight

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2011 at 8:23 am

I am on a cross-country flight with captain Ridzawan (spelling is probably wrong) along the east coast of Malaysia. Yesterday we arrived in Terangganu and today we will fly to Pulau Redang. I have taken plenty of pictures taken and my usual iPad GPS log, which I will publish when I get back to Singapore.

However, wherever I have Internet access I will publish some updates in the interim.

We took off in Johor at about 9:30 and arrived in Kerteh two hours later. It wasn’t my finest display of navigation (you will see the bends in my flight path later), but we found the place eventually. There is not much happening there, since the airfield is primarily used by Petronas for helicopter flights to the oil platforms. However they have a small cantina where we had something to drink. We took off again shortly after, using 25 degrees of flaps to get off the ground from the intersection, avoiding the backtracking to the threshold.

The flight to Terengganu is rather short. The interesting thing about the airport there is runway 22, which was the active when we arrived. Runway 22 is protruding slightly into the sea, which means the last part of downwind is over the water, so no cheating by using landmarks to judge where to turn into baseleg. You really have to use the 45 degrees rule.

We have spent the night at a very nice hotel in Terangganu, the Primula Beach Hotel. The rooms are simple, but clean and well air-conditioned. Probably the best thing here is the coffee, which is excellent, regardless whether you take the iced variety in the afternoon or the pre-made brew they serve for breakfast.

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