Ingo Noka

Shame on me

In Hangar Flying on March 9, 2011 at 10:22 pm

Dark clouds over Senai

Shame on me.  I missed an opportunity to do some flying, and it was all my fault.
I took a day off, because I couldn’t get an aircraft last weekend, and I didn’t want to go without any flying for two weeks.  Unfortunately yesterday evening I warmed up to the mini Asahi beers at Quarubar too much and on top of that I couldn’t refuse when an Singapore airline pilot (no less) offered me a drink.
So I woke up knowing that I wasn’t ready to fly and moved my booking to 1 pm.  Of course, as it is rather the norm at this time of the year, the perfectly fine weather in the morning turned nasty in the afternoon, with lots of wind and threatening dark blue clouds hanging around the airport.  I suppose I could have done some circuits, but couldn’t bring myself to ignore the strange weather.
Now I have a booking on Saturday.  Initially I wanted to fly Charlie Foxtrot, but the Cessna seems to be in Subang over the weekend.  So Captain Singh suggested that I do my conversion to the Piper Warrior (P28) instead.  This is something I wanted to ask for anyway, because I will have a much better chance to book an aircraft if I have the endorsement for the Piper.

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