Ingo Noka

Flight Plan Apple Style

In Flight Bag on February 25, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Malaysia uses the ICAO flight plan form for IFR plans.  Unfortunately, the template itself seems to be buried in some ICAO document, which I cannot locate on the ICAO web site.  Since all the forms I could find elsewhere on the Internet are in Word or PDF format, I had to create my own in Pages.
As a starting point, I used a form I found on the Internet, labeled “FAA Form 7233-4 (7-93)” and I looked at the paper forms we have at the FRAS flying club.  My template aligns a number of fields more consistently and, in my opinion, is a little bit better formatted than the forms I have seen elsewhere.  My idea was also to format it so that it comes out better readable if faxed.  Feel free to download the Pages or the PDF form here, but do not blame me if ATC doesn’t accept it.  All I can say is, that I have used it once and it seemed to be ok.  Please let me know if you make changes or if you think something is missing or incorrect.

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