Ingo Noka

Short Cross-Country to Bahtu Pahat and back

In Flight Log on February 7, 2011 at 12:09 am

Haze over Singapore

Finally the weather allowed me to fly a short cross-country to Bahtu Pahat and back to Senai airport.   This is the same route the club uses for the first three (short) navigation exercises.  There is no airport or airfield to land on.  Just a round-trip with one leg tracking along the coast and the other legs going over palm trees and little hills.  The leg from Senai to Kukup is interesting, because you are not far from the Johor Strait and the Johor container port.  Unfortunately there was lots of haze and the sun was in the wrong place for me to see much (see title picture of this post).

Initially the air was as smooth as silk and I managed to set up power and trim so that I didn’t have much to do.  From Bahtu Pahat towards Simpang Renggam, the cloud base started to drop and some turbulence kept me busy.  I turned towards Simpang Renggam without going through the hills to Bahtu Pahat proper, so that I did not lose radio contact.


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