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AT4 Light Sport Aircraft Crash near Pontian, Malaysia

In Announcement on July 29, 2012 at 10:28 pm

An AT4 light sport aircraft (two seats) of FRAS flying club with one pilot on board crashed during a routine training flight near Pontian in the afternoon of the 29th of July.  Some media incorrectly reported that a “single seat Cessna” or even a copter was involved. The student pilot, Samuel Ling Shi Min, died at the scene of the crash.  This is very sad news.  I would like to express my condolences to the pilot’s family and friends.

The crashed aircraft was registered as 9M-EYM.


Tioman Checkout

In Flight Bag, Navigation on July 23, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Ingo and Saddiq after Tioman Checkout

Pulau Tioman was the last island with a usable airfield around the Malaysian peninsula I hadn’t been to.  One reason is that I was busy exploring the other places along the East and West coast, and the other reason is that you need to get checked out by a flight instructor first before you can fly there on your own.  The FRAS checkout consists of three successful landings with a flight instructor.

My first attempt failed.  Last weekend, I stayed a couple of hours at the club hoping that the weather would clear enough to have a good chance to return to Johor, but no such luck.  This weekend, the weather was better.  Lots of CB with a base of about 2000 feet and nice blue sky in between.  On Saturday, I practices a couple of landings and on Sunday Saddiq was available and the weather still held, so we took off at around 13:00.  With a tail wind of 10 to 12 kts, we arrived at Tioman a bit after 14:00.  Saddiq did a good job briefing me about the approach and I managed to slam the piper into the runway with lots of room to spare.  I had the same problems as in Pangkor – too slow on approach and not enough flare.  Nevertheless, I did two more landings to satisfy the club requirements and we went back with no drama.  Now I am signed off for Tioman and hope to get back there on my own soon.

For the readers of my blog, I have drawn a little map and provide a couple of notes on the procedures to approach and land in Tioman.  You can download the Tioman map here.

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New VOR/DME at Senai Airport

In Announcement, Flight Bag on July 21, 2012 at 10:50 am

New VOR/DME in Johor

(Update, 9 September 2012: Corrected Lane Delta, added JB NDB data, Moved Ayer Hitam and Renggam reporting points a bit, training area North of Gunung Pulai is now West of the North South highway)

Effective 23 August 2012, DCA Malaysia will commission a new DVOR/DME at Senai airport. Currently the DVOR/DME of Senai airport is about 5 nm off the threshold of runway 16 on a bearing of 150° (i.e. you have to set course 150° from the DVOR location to reach the threshold). The new DVOR station will be closer to the threshold (1000m) and also gets a new frequency, which will be 112.5 Mhz (Ch. 72 x). Setting up a new DVOR station requires a rerouting of airways and relocation of holding areas and reporting points. For us VFR pilots this is only of marginal interest. However, the DCA also made changes to VFR lanes and the TMA, so take note. The changes are detailed in the AIP Supplement 09/2012 dated 14 June 2012. All changes are included in the new version of my “aeronautical chart of Johor”, which you can download here.

The VFR lane Charlie does not go from Kota Tinggi straight to East of JB Airfield anymore. Instead it is rerouted via South of Kg Semangar, to make sure aircraft stay clear of Danger Area 231. For more details on that have a look at my earlier post on flying to Mersing via Kota Tinggi.  Lane Delta is also routed around the danger areas with a new reporting point “East of Kampung Sungai Tiram”.

The Eastern border of the JB TMA used to go through Kota Tinggi. It is now further West and goes through restricted area 229, which means that VFR lane Charlie (from JB Town East to Kota Tinggi) is now outside the TMA. On the Western border of the TMA not much has changed. It seems to go a little further North of Simpang Renggam than it previously did.

In case you cannot remember what a VOR is: VOR stands for VHF Omnidirectional Radio (Range). The VOR is a navigational aid that allows aircraft equipped with a receiver to measure on which radial from the VOR station the aircraft is located. The DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) on the other hand tells the pilot how far from the station the aircraft is positioned.

Langkawi – All you need to know

In Flight Bag, Navigation on July 6, 2012 at 11:13 pm

Langkawi VFR Map

When I came back from my “Round Malaysia” trip, I promised that I would post what I had learned about the reporting points for a Langkawi island tour.

This got a bit delayed, but now I have finished a map of Langkawi, which I think contains everything a pilot needs to know for a flight to and around Langkawi.

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